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Our Market Kitchen offers "Comfort Food to Take Home".   We make lunch and suppertime super easy!  There are delicious ready to eat entrees, take them home to heat and serve.  Shoppers also have the option of selecting items as frozen entrees to bake later. We take orders so you can be sure your favourites are here when you need them.

New this season - Our own Pulled Pork and Market made Barbecue sauce.  Just heat and sandwich it on one of our sweet rolls with slaw. Delicious

We are now serving lunch at our indoor/outdoor Cafe.  Hot dishes as well as our homemade soup of the day and sandwiches.  New this year is our panini grill.  We make an awesome crunchy grilled cheese with apple slices and red pepper jelly. We are now making a creamy delicious plain cheesecake with fruit puree. 

We have everything you need to create a summer picnic. Check out our picnic page.


Lasagne - Layers of noodles with our homemade meat sauce.              

Shepherd's Pie - beef and pork combined with veggies and topped with mashed potatoes.       

Mac & Cheese  - We get raves about our flavourful cheese sauce.         

New Item -   Our slow roasted pulled pork.                                     

Peter's Chili  -  Spicy and delicious                                       

Sweet Potato Chili - delicious vegetarian option                                      

Quiche, large, regular - Bacon, mushroom, onion and cheese.      

Chicken Pot Pie - nicely herbed and topped with crispy pastry.       

Baked Beans - The original recipe!                                        

Scalloped Potatoes                    


Sauerkraut Salad  - Sweet and tangy.        

Creamy Coleslaw      

Pasta Salad - available in the summer season           

Potato Salad           

Cucumber Salad  - Now available!    


Minestrone - vegetarian with orzo pasta

Chicken Apple Soup - chicken, rice and veggies with a hint of curry.

Hamburger Soup - comfort food                              

Corn Chowder  - with a hint of bacon                               

Butternut Squash Soup   - now vegetarian               

VEGETARIAN OPTIONS - We keep these items in our freezer.

Minestrone and Butternut Squash Soup.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

Vegetarian Lasagna made with zucchini, cottage cheese, mozzarella and spinach along with out homemade tomato sauce.

 We are committed to using as many local ingredients as possible and we are delighted to feature so many Nova Scotia grown or produced ingredients. 

CATERING - Check out our catering page

We are happy to cater food for meetings or special events.  
Phone: 543-6082   Email:  info @

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