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We love our tomatoes!  Here are the latest varieties.


Big Beef – 20 ounce, Italian beefsteak tomato, indeterminate plant

Brandywine - 78 days. Old time favourite of the Amish, distinct taste. Heirloom icy favourite, indeterminate, pinkish flesh, 450 gram size

Candyland Red - matures from transplants in 55-60 days, indeterminate, red currant sized  with a tidy habit.

Carolina Gold - yellow

Celebrity - Determinate. Amazing crops in moderate space. Crack resistant. 8 oz firm and flavorful.

Chocolate Sprinkles- chocolate cherry type i.e. deep purple color, indeterminate, smoky sweet flavorsweet

Defiant  - Late blight resistant tomato, medium sized with sweet yet tangy flavor. High yields of 6-8 oz fruit

Early Girl – Great flavour, 50-62 days to maturity, considered early, 4-8 ounce tomatoes, heavy producer

Jet Star – 65 days. midseason variety, 25 years old, reintroduced at Dominion Seed House. Large sized 200-220 grams. Globe shape, indeterminate. Low acid.

Patio The perfect tomato to grow in a pot on your deck. Thick stock, smaller size but produces regular sized tomatoes

Roma- Perfect tomato for making tomato paste, sauce, canning, freezing because of thick Walls and few seeds, Pear shaped plums, determinate growing habit

San Marzano – Classic plum/paste type tomato on indeterminate vines. Clusters of elongated tomatoes, best staked

Scotia – Most popular old time favourite, great for green relish. Early maturity. Plants not so large.

Sugary – 60-65 days. Red grape tomato. ½ oz crack resistant fruit produced in clusters of up to 15 to 20 tomatoes. Indeterminate

Super Sweet 100– Very sweet and very productive

Sweet ‘n Neat Tomato - Compact high yielding cherry tomato, good for containers

Tidy Treats– Cherry(re) compact, indeterminate tomato 

Toma Verde Tomatillo – Perfect for Mexican Green Salsa, papery husk, green in color when mature, indeterminate

Tumbling Tom – 50 days. Hybrid. High yields, sweet flavour, mass of 1-1/4"fruit round red fruit. Use in hanging baskets or gallon containers.

Ultra Sweet - (VFT), Beefsteak type tomato, 10 oz size, early, indeterminate

Recommended use –  

Containers: Patio, Sweet ‘n Neat, Venus

Cold Climate: Pilgrim and Siberian

Beefsteak: Beefmaster,  Burpee Big Boy, Jetsetter, Ultra Sweet, Super Marmande,Ball's Beefsteak

Heirloom: Brandywine, Caspian Pink,  Chocolate Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Striped Caravan, Striped German,Old Wyandotte

Grape: Ildi, Sugary, Sweet Mojo

Yellow: Lemon Boy, Yellow Pear,Old Wyandotte

Cherry: Sweet 100, Tiny Tim

Determinate: Celebrity

Plum: Classica, Juliet, Roma, San Marzano

Low Acid: Jet Star, Tomande

Early: Scotia, Early Girl

Flavorful: Cherokee Purple, Brandywine

Novelty: Tigerella

Hanging Basket: Tumbling Tom

Blight resistant:  Ultra Sweet

Tomatillo Toma Verde

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